Benefits & Importance of Home Renovation

A kitchen or bath remodel is constantly a home project with a solid profits on return. According to Remodeling Magazine, in the South Atlantic region, a kitchen remodel costing $20,000 will recoup more than 80 percent of its value, and your bathrooms remodel in this same cost range will retain more than 73 percent of its value.

While ROI is a good reap the benefits of Home Remodeling Houston, it’s not unexpected. Decreased maintenance costs and creating a far more appealing space for buyers down the road are benefits most homeowners assume their projects will bring. But studies also show that other benefits come from home remodeling projects that homeowners might not have expected.

According to a Houzz Kitchen Trends study, one-third of homeowners who completed a kitchen remodel reported leading a wholesome lifestyle, from preparing more meals at home, eating dinner out less, and consuming more fruits & vegetables. It makes sense because when you enjoy an area, you want to invest amount of time in it. Why go out for junk food, when you have the oven selection of your dreams waiting so that you can make a masterpiece?

Since we’re preparing more meals at home (and even baking more), we’re also seated more regularly together as a family to enjoy them. Numerous studies show that family meals are one of the most crucial things we can do for our health and wellness and well-being. It goes far beyond just making healthier eating choices-children who eat regular family dinners tend to do better in school, have higher self-esteem, and have a decreased threat of depression, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy.

Rest time is also crucial for a wholesome lifestyle, but locating the availability or cover a well-deserved visit to the spa isn’t in the cards for some busy homeowners. But your bathrooms remodel can give you the chance to create the spa-like retreat you crave in the comfortable surroundings of your own home. From jetted tubs, to rainfall showerheads, to built-in music systems, you can transform your bathroom into the perfect spot for a much-needed respite.

40 percent of homeowners who completed a kitchen remodel reported spending additional time entertaining. Research from across the globe has discovered that there’s a robust link between friends and health. According to an article published in the brand new York Times, Harvard researchers have even discovered that strong social ties can promote brain health as we age. So, gather your besties around that new kitchen island for a casino game night and apps!

Eco-conscious consumers will like the countless ways a home remodel project in your kitchen or bathroom can help them be more energy conserving and create a far more sustainable environment for future generations. Most homeowners will likely choose appliances with the STAR label: the products are 10 to 50 percent more energy conserving. A lot of today’s faucets and toilets are low-flow to save water usage, and materials such as bamboo and reclaimed wood aren’t only on-trend today, they’re sustainable.

Home remodeling happens for most reasons, such as fitting necessary lifestyle and safety accommodations and increasing the resale value of your house. But an integral takeaway from all of this is that while a healthy bottom line is an essential consideration for just about any remodeling project, a thriving and happier lifestyle might be considered a priceless upgrade.

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