Benefits of Automated Sliding Gate

Along with burglar alarms, CCTV packages, and intercoms, Innovate Security also specialises in the look and installation of electric gates. In fact, we have provided both swing and sliding gate solutions to several residential properties and commercial premises over time.

Better security
The prevailing concern that and benefit for having electric gates is to attain better security at your property or premises. Households can be confident their possessions will stay protected, while businesses don’t have to worry about expensive assets being stolen. Electric gates not only make it harder for folks to access your premises or premises, in addition they become a deterrent as well.

More convenience
The problem with a normal group of gates is the fact once you return home or reach work, you need to escape your vehicle to open them. Another problem is that you might forget to lock up when leaving. But with electric gates, which are fully automated thanks to in-built motors and wireless technology, you can enjoy more convenience.

Greater safety
Although many people have electric gate openers to keep people out, they can also be very helpful at keeping people in. For instance, if children have space to try out outside your home, you can find every chance they’ll run into the street without thinking. Exactly the same applies to pets chasing a ball or another animal. Therefore, electric gates can provide greater safety and added satisfaction.

Aesthetic appeal
Electric gates give the feeling of grandeur and will often feature ornate details, therefore you can noticeably enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Along with revealing to the neighbours, you can also feel significant amounts of admiration from passers by. From an enterprise perspective, first impressions count and the addition of electric gates could convince customers or clients to cope with you.

Increase value
Very much like other household additions, installing electric gates can truly add value to your home. You will see this decision as a long-term investment that will definitely pay dividends if you opt to sell up and move on. Businesses may also be in a position to command an increased price because of their products and services, as electric gates prove that you prioritise quality.

Lower insurance
Some insurance companies may provide you with lower premiums if you have a couple of electric gates. It is because they’ll know your property is better than others local and less inclined to suffer from a burglary or break-in. Businesses looking to keep a watchful eye on their expenses will also find lower insurance costs extremely beneficial.

To find out more about electric gate design, fabrication, and installation from Innovate Security, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.