How to Secure Your Garage and Garage Door Openers

If you want to make your garage door more secure and protective, then you must consider the following tips given below: First of all, remove the handle from the emergency release cord as it could be easily grabbed onto from the outside. Removing the handle will enhance the security of your garage door.  If you are still dependent on the old garage door opener, then at this moment, you must think about disconnecting the garage door opener and manual latch to lock the door. In this way, someone without the key will not be able to get the access to it.

A wireless keypad is another great addition that is inexpensive and easy to install, as you just need to program the keypad with its code. With a wireless keypad, you can disable the emergency keypad lever and get the peace of mind that you are completely secure from any security issue.

Secure the entry door of the house with a lock leading from the garage into the house, and don’t leave the garage door remote in the car. If you are comfortable in leaving this, then make sure that doors are perfectly locked, and the remote is not visible to anyone. The best approach is to keep the remote with you rather than putting it anywhere.

When you are out of the area/town, you should turn off the power, unplug the opener or if the opener is wired to a wall switch, flip the switch. Don’t leave your garage door open unnecessarily, as it is an open invitation for the burglars who can enter into your house anytime. Upgrade your outdated garage door opener to increase its security, and if you don’t know about how to upgrade, visit Garage Door Suppliers Brunswick to consult with professionals.

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