How to Sell Your Luxury Villas

Whether you are moving on to pastures new, upsizing or downsizing, or looking to release capital for an enterprise investment, why you want to market a luxury villa is not the problem. The normal denominator is not ‘why’, but ‘how’.

When it comes to selling a multi-million dollar property, a straightforward listing by using an agent’s books may not be enough and a successful villa sales strategy is essential. villas for sale in La Alqueria are more specialized and for that reason potentially more technical, requiring a logical, driven approach. Follow our step-by-step guide on how best to Sell Your Luxury Villa.

1. The price should be right

The true estate mantra is, ‘Location, location, location!’. Exquisite villas over a popular plot really enhance the price tag. There are always a many different value considerations too, such as size of property, facilities and amenities, as well as design and fixtures and fittings. Get several valuations and ensure that your sales price is directly on the money.

2. Consider any pre-sale renovation and repair

You might not exactly want to inject money on a house you are going to sell. However, it is worth weighing up what an investment into repairs or refurbishments could do to the sales value. If by spending x you are going to increase the value by five times x, as well as appeal to more audience, then this may prove to be a good move.

3. Make a factsheet

Buyers like facts and the less they need to research the essential information the easier they can determine whether your villa is exactly what they are looking for. Build a factsheet you need to include the amount of bedrooms, list indoor and outdoor spaces, the amount of bathrooms, and any balconies and terraces. Put yourself in the shoes of any buyer would you not know your premises. What might you wish to know?

4. Write an overview

Beyond the basic facts, how would you summarize why is your luxury villa unique? Any kind of particularly interesting features, such as an incredible view from an infinity pool, or a hilltop setting overlooking a sensational beach? What exactly are the USPs of your villa? List brands, style details and quality aspects.

5. You need images and perhaps a video and virtual tour

Holiday-style snaps are not going to cut it. Exactly like supermodels, luxury villa properties desire a professional photo-shoot to essentially show off their beauty. Videos and virtual tours connect to possible buyers and draw them into your villa’s world. In the end, you want to attract serious audience.

6. Reach your market

Contact sales people, or if you wish to essentially target a particular market then look at a luxury real estate specialist like the Luxury Address to oversee, monitor, and manage the sales and marketing process on your behalf.

7. Ensure that your villa is ready and open to view

If you’re not residing at your villa, or if you have been renting it out as a luxury holiday stay, make sure that it is absolutely mint condition if any interested parties want a personal tour. Luxury or not, the same rules apply and a clean, tidy, and homely property attracts positive attention.

8. Decide if you need to carry open days

If you do, then decide if you’ll be present and/or your luxury real estate representative. Depending on whether a buyer is looking for a home, holiday villa or luxury villa rental opportunity, it could be best to allow villa merchant. do the talking and stand back from injecting your persona into the mix. An open day must be properly advertized and in a professional way, with plenty of notice to work properly. An open day is an event so provide drinks and perhaps even canapés.

9. Sell more than the house

Your luxury villa is not simply a property. It’s rather a dream, an aspiration, and a golden home based business. It could represent an exclusive retreat, a holiday hideaway or freedom for family vacation experiences. Your villa is the view, the landscape around it, and the yard. You are available an ambience and a lifestyle and these factors need to direct every more you make in your villa sales approach.