Spray foam – is it the best insulation material?

If you are thinking of replacing your old insulation and are interested in finding a more efficient and at the same time affordable option, then choosing spray foam can be a great idea. Of all the insulating materials the market offers, this is probably the most favourable option to choose. The many benefits provided by spray foam insulation Toronto are enough to make any homeowner choose this material. Read the following information to learn more about spray foam and what it offers:

Humidity Control

An advantage that this type of insulation can offer you is great humidity control. When applied, the material will expand to fill the smallest crack, but at the same time, will provide your home with proper ventilation, increasing humidity control. Since humidity is the main cause of mould appearance, choosing an option that will prevent increased humidity is certainly recommended, both for reasons of comfort and health.

Eliminates air leakage and drawings

Air leakages and drafts can compromise the efficiency of the insulation and can also unbalance the indoor temperature, not to mention the impact on your energy consumption. With spray foam insulation, this will not be a problem as it eliminates drafts. This material can wrap your entire home, being able to close even the smallest cracks and penetrations, something you can not say about other insulating materials. This material will allow you to have a perfectly comfortable temperature in your home, without paying a fortune on your energy bills every month.

High R-Value

When deciding on the insulating material, it is imperative to consider the R-value of the material used. The R-value is a term used to indicate how efficient a material is when used for this purpose, and spray foam has one of the highest values, thus being the most reliable choice to make

Fast And Easy Installation

If you want the insulation installation process to be as short as possible, then go with spray foam. The installation process will not be long when using suitable equipment. Although the installation of spray foam insulation is easy, the use of professional tools and equipment is required. So if you decide on this material, hire a professional and avoid handling the installation yourself. An experienced contractor can insulate your entire attic, ceiling or walls in less than a day or two.


In addition to choosing the right contractor for the installation process, the next most important decision you will need to make is choosing the best material. Although your options are varied, and most of them come with their own set of benefits, the most popular is by far the spray foam. Having one of the highest R-values ​​and providing you with undeniable indoor comfort, this is certainly the smartest option to choose from. If you are still unsure after reading the information said above, then research the subject in more depth and you will reach the same conclusion.