The pros and the cons of low flow/water saving eco toilet

One of the most alarming things which are happening in the world today is the scarcity of water. It is a global issue that we are slowly but surely running out of the water and if something is not done quickly, and then the damage can become irreversible. Due to this, many companies are now making appliances which promote minimal water wastage. We were oblivious of the fact as to how much showers and toilets wasted water but now that we know, we automatically want to prefer eco-friendly appliances which help us save water. Although, saving water should be reason enough but there are still many other elements to consider.


One of the biggest pros of eco saving toilets is that these are not high maintenance. This is because these high-efficiency toilets breakdowns much less which in turn results in low maintenance costs. Another great thing about this is that it also raises the value of your home making it seem like a more modern and efficient house. The potential water that these toilets help save is up to 35 gallons. This is reason enough to buy these toilets as this great help in saving water. High-efficiency toilets are also very aesthetically pleasing as they look very modern and sleek. There are many designs available as well and these make the entire bathroom look very chic and classy.


These are efficient but these are not cheap. High-efficiency technology is overall expensive and these toilets cost about 400 dollars. A very big issue which people face with these toilets is that due to the less breakdown of debris, these might get clogged into the pipes causing other major issues. So there must be a solution which one should keep in mind before getting these toilets installed. Last but not least, the biggest gamble with these is that you might now end up saving as much water as you hoped. This is because you might have to flush more than once to get everything out of the bowl. The sole purpose of getting these installed is saving water, so you need to be clear of all these aspects before spending your money.

Appliances and equipment which use this technology are of course very beneficial, especially in today’s world. The scarcity of water is something which is affecting everything in this world. Humans, wildlife, food, climate, everything is getting affected. Keeping this in mind, one must take possible measures to reduce this as much as they can or else they can face other major difficulties regarding this. Although, one must spend their money wisely as such technologies do not always work as we hope they would so be sure to do a great amount of research before getting anything installed.