Typical Causes Of Water Leakages

Water damages is not restricted to floorings, as water can permeate through walls, fractures and ceilings. Yet what induces it? Well, according to water leakage Singapore experts, the most typical root causes of water infiltration consist of:

  • Leakage in the water system/ drain pipelines of yours or surrounding buildings
  • Degraded waterproofing of existing systems
  • Split pipes as a result of tree roots, construction or time
  • Infiltration of waste water or rain water through roof/ exterior wall


This isn’t a big concern with newly built residences yet houses that are at the very least two decades old have to be very carefully checked for corrode pipes. Not just does this pose some health issues as corrosion may be polluting the water supply, however it could also indicate undiscovered leaks that could have been going on for a long time. Rust can eat its way into the pipe’s material, weakening its resistance versus pressure as a result.

Parts of the pipe that are most likely to rust and leak


A connector with three inlets and one outlet or vice versa and links four pipes.

Dual Tapped Bushing

A brief pipeline with male threads on both ends and is used to fit a straight end hose pipe or pipe.


A fitting that is bent in a variety of degrees to aid water or other liquids flow to a various instructions.


A kind of connection that includes a screw-like clamp and a rubber interior.

Plug and Cap

Both are types of stopper, except a plug has male threads, while a cap has female threads.


A sort of fitting that helps in reducing the flow of water or the quantity of water being pull from one pipeline to another.

Poor installation compounds the troubles

No matter if your waterlines are made from the finest quality materials, unless it’s set up by a very proficient plumbing company, you cannot expect too much from it. Quickly you’ll notice water flying from one of the connections or your water meter running wildly even if everything is closed. This is why it is critical that you hire a certified plumber to deal with all of your plumbing installations. Besides, a pipes system would still fail even if only a part of it is second-rate.

Recommendations from a Plumbing professional

Leakages represent the majority of concerns you may encounter with your home pipes system. Any type of damaged component runs the risk of causing leakages. While leaks are normally easy to identify and deal with, especially those that originate from noticeable pipes components such as a tap and shower, there are certain cases in which finding them can prove difficult. Leakages originating from the pipes are normally the most difficult to find, since pipes are usually concealed underneath the sink, behind huge installations, or even within the walls.