What is the Distinction Between Modern and Contemporary Kitchen Styles?

Contemporary Kitchens and Modern kitchen are terms that are typically used interchangeably. While this is not an issue in daily speech, confusion can arise if you speak with architects or interior designers. At Brisbane Kitchen Renovations, we understand that ‘modern’, for many, has come to be known as contemporary. We utilise the terms interchangeably on our website as most of our visitors do, too.

If you wish to come down to the basics of design speak, capital M Modern refers very specifically to the period of the early to mid-20th-century. This design commemorated mass-produced building products, clean lines and a new, formerly inconceivable, type of design. Glass, steel and concrete could be produced in larger quantities and sizes and with the machine-produced precision that was once not available. Designers began to realise they might push the limits in a way that was unable to be checked out previously. It was quite a departure from the designs before the industrial revolution and still sends ripples into the styles we enjoy today.

A Modern kitchen returns that early to mid-20th-century age

Contemporary kitchens are kitchen areas that are really ‘now’. Modern design moves with the times. It grows and progresses as we do and takes motivation from innovations in addition to earlier styles. We typically refer to these cooking areas on our site as lowercase m modern kitchens. Within Brisbane, Kitchen Renovations are largely seeing very modern fitouts.

What Defines a Contemporary Kitchen Area at this moment in Time?

At this moment in Time, modern kitchens have fun with texture, colour, proportion and asymmetry. Tidy lines and a pared-back shape prevail components. Function and kind are of equal significance in contemporary kitchens with ergonomics, increased storage and ease of movement around the cooking area placed at the top of the list.

Clean Lines

Modern Scandi style cooking area with tidy lines and a U shaped layout with an island bench. An absence of overhead cabinets preserves a sensation of spaciousness. J grip door profiles on the white cabinets supply integrated that do not interrupt the sleek lines.

Tidy lines keep the vista of the kitchen uncluttered and contribute to an overall impression of cleanliness and consistency. Serving ware and vases can be added for that pop of colour or nod to a short-lived however pleasing design trend. The symmetry of door heights and banks of cupboards or drawers produce the effect of clean lines. No-fuss door profiles such as a flat ‘piece’ design or V groove doors for a painted finish or flat laminate doors.

Deal with Choices

Handles with an easy profile or recessed lip-pulls likewise contribute to an uncluttered appearance. If handles are not your thing, think about a J groove door with an integrated ‘manage’ or grip area to open. Press to open doors and drawers permit the least encumbrance. Manual choices include a spring-loaded magnetic catch. Electric alternatives need just the lightest touch and are perfect for those with arthritis and other conditions.


This G shaped minimalist kitchen conceals a wealth of performance behind closed doors.

There are a lot of choices for colour in contemporary cooking areas. Minimalist cooking areas frequently feature one colour only, where other looks incorporate 2 or perhaps three.


The design of your kitchen area will be determined mainly by the space you have offered. New kitchen areas can be developed to fill all manner of sizes. Kitchen layouts are typically described as L shaped, U formed, G formed or galley-style (2 benches or banks of cabinets in parallel). Your designer will direct you regarding which design to select to maximise storage and access.

This L shaped V groove cooking area with island functions 3 door colours but maintained unity and simplicity.

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