Reasons you should renovate your bathroom

One of the best ways to breathe new life into a home is to renovate your bathrooms. A renovation would not necessarily mean deconstructing your bathrooms completely – simply replacing your vanity or shower can drastically enhance the look of your bathroom. Of course, you can also choose to tear everything out and beginning from scratch. Everything is determined by what you’re looking to accomplish and moreover, your budget.

1. Fix any existing problems
Over time, most bathrooms experience water leaks, which lead to rotting floors and mould problems; this is really the top reason our customers seek to renovation their bathroom. If you suspect that your tiles are loose or if you have leaking fixtures, you should think about modern tapware, such as that which we offer at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, in your renovation. This can help you avoid any potential problems due to leaks.

2. Increase your storage space
I find many customers renovate their bathroom only to increase their storage space. The easiest way to go about doing this is to include our selection of stylish bathroom cabinets to your bathroom. Not only do these convenient cabinets provide you additional storage space and raise the visual selling point of your bathroom, but if you choose to buy mirrored cabinets, you get added practicality.

3. Update the look of your bathroom
If you’re anything like my wife and quite a few customers, you might simply have grown tired of your bathroom and are prepared to give it a facelift. This may easily be performed by laying new tiles or by adding accessories to your bathrooms. To give your bathroom a stylish look, simply talk to one of our salesmen and we will be happy to offer some good suggestions to remodel your bathroom into something modern and fresh – with no to get started on from scratch.

4. Increase the resale value of your home
One of the biggest great things about renovating your bathroom is the fact it will improve the resale value of your home. Given Perth’s falling market, a good way to stand out from the competition and insure a quick sale is to update your bathrooms – without overcapitalising. Homes with modern or bathroom renovations geelong are likely to sell at a higher price than homes with dated bathrooms. A fresh bathroom not only enables you to enjoy your bathrooms, but it also works as a great investment.

5. Add functionality
We give you a range of bathroom products, such as shower screens, bathroom basins and shower bases, which put in a touch of functionality to your bathrooms. If you have a busy household numerous members using the toilet, renovating your bathroom can make it more functional.

6. Improve energy efficiency
Although not high on the reasons I find customers seeking to renovate their bathroom, you will find a steady increase of those who are becoming more environmentally conscious. Our quality bathroom products such as water saving fixtures, low flow toilet suites and radiant flooring can drastically increase the energy efficiency of your bathrooms. You can even install new windows, which will improve ventilation, eliminating both cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter.

7. Make your bathroom safer
One of the main reasons to consider renovation is to make your bathrooms safer, you have young kids, like me. Indeed, most accidents at home occur in the toilet, that can be avoided by causing some simple changes. Install wider doorways, slip resistant flooring and shower screens, between other bathroom products that people offer, to make your bathroom safer.

There are several reasons why you may consider renovating your bathrooms and it generally boils down to what you want to achieve. If you’re concerned about renovation costs, then you may be glad to find out that you can renovate your bathrooms even on a tiny budget by choosing to get items from a discount home centre, such as Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

With a total warehouse stock exceeding $ 1 million worth of quality home improvement goods, we feature an comprehensive collection of bathroom products. Our product range includes bathroom accessories, bathroom vanities, tapware, toilet suites, bathtubs, shower screens, basins, floor tiles, cabinets, wall units plus more! Whatever your need for bathroom renovation may be, we’ve products that will suit your purpose and fit your financial budget.