Window ac installation guide

Installing a window air conditioner is not rocket science, but it is definitely recommended that you have a professional do it for you. There are several reasons for this that we’re going to explain further here. First of all, the window AC is very heavy, and if you’re not used to managing it, you may have an accident. Positioning the window AC in the window isn’t an easy task and requires being very careful and diligent.

You don’t want it to slip and fall out of the window. It’s something that an experienced professional will be very comfortable doing. You also don’t want to get hurt lifting it. In most situations, you will have to lift the window AC several times since you’ll have to measure, adjust and line things up several times. It’s not always a quick and easy job – even for a pro. Secondly, you need to line up the air conditioner correctly. That means, it must tilt outwards just a bit – enough for gravity to pull the condensation and water buildup away from the inside of the home and to the outside. You don’t want water dripping into your home.

This process is not always obvious and requires a level along with the proper window ac installation procedure. This must be done correctly for your AC to function properly. Third, you will likely want to install a support bracket for your window AC. A support bracket is installed on the outside part of the window and it is there to support the air conditioner. It’s not the job of the support bracket to hold up the AC, it’s only there for extra security and support.

The AC needs to be installed correctly and shouldn’t rely on the support bracket to be supported. Fourth, you need to secure the air conditioner properly into the window. You will need some screws for this. You want to do this carefully and precisely, as not to damage the window. It’s very easy to do something wrong and completely ruin your window or window frame. You also don’t want to screw too much into the window so that you’ll have way too many visible holes if you ever choose to take the window AC out. So make sure you use quality screws and take your time while doing this. You also want to line up all the parts very nicely so that the job looks good.

Lastly, a little bit of caulking can help you close up and air holes, cracks or openings. This will help prevent unnecessary air from getting in. You want the whole thing nicely sealed and tight. If you’ve managed to do all of the things mentioned here (along with a few small things in between), you are on your way to enjoying an amazing air conditioner that blows heavenly cool air. Enjoy!